LCS Promotion Int AB was created to support large scale implementation of the SanPlat system developed by Björn Brandberg and a many people coming up with ideas and questions. This has resulted in a range of products and moulds which we happily have been selling, principally to development organizations.

SanPlat is an abbreviation of Sanitation Platform, which is a nicer way of saying latrine slab. And, it is actually more than a latrine slab. It has quality criteria which we wish every latrine slab should have:

  • A key hole shaped drop hole which is small enough to be child safe and big enough to be used comfortably with minimal risk of staining
  • Elevated footrests correctly placed to help the user to find the right position also in complete the darkness of an African night
  • Smooth and sloping surfaces draining towards the hole that are easy to clean and never forms a puddle of wash water or urine

The fist SanPlats were developed in Mozambique and were dome-shaped made of unreinforced 4 cm thick concrete designed for local production in peri-urban areas. In Malawi we developed the rural version of the SanPlat, 60x60 cm, to be used to improve traditional latrines using locally manufactured moulds.

Together with Development Workshop in Angola we developed a set of moulds nicely packed in a sturdy box designed to kick-start a sanitation program anywhere.

So far the Moulds had been designed for local production by local carpenters, just copying the moulds in the box. Eventually though the copying became very much ad hoc and quality criteria lost. To overcome this problem we developed the all-in-one mould in plastic for SanPlats 60x60x5 cm with all the features in place. Two problems remained to be solved: The weight and the material as such. 35 kg is heavy and unreinforced concrete easily breaks in transport. Concrete is also a dull material difficult to keep clean as it by nature is porous and absorbs urine as well as faecal matter from lose stools. A logical solution was to move to plastic.

Moving to plastic SanPlats has solved a number of problems and had new advantages:

  • Weight dropped from 35 to 2 kgs
  • No breakages even when handled ignorantly
  • Easy transport also in areas with no roads
  • Easy to install in different types of latrines
  • Possible to include in existing supply lines going the lat mile also in remote areas
  • No cement that might be stolen or damaged in transport and storage or just used for other purposes
  • Reduced transport and storage volume by 50%
  • No absorption of urine and faecal matter
  • No supervision or training required
  • No hidden costs
  • High sustainability as easy to reinstall in new latrines after filling up or collapse
  • Easy to keep clean
  • High status value contributing to adoption of a modern and healthy lifestyles
  • Ideal to be installed in latrines built in CLTS programmes

There are still challenges to be addressed:

  1. At the present stage there is not yet a market for decentralized production why transport, border costs and import bureaucracy pushes the final price up
  2. Local unregistered tradesmen have to take the whole VAT
  3. Politicians to discover that supporting sanitation programmes now can give votes in democratic elections

Introducing the SanPlat system was a qualitative step in improving the hygiene standard of latrines in general. Moving to plastic SanPlats is a second qualitative step ready to go to scale.

Given that advantages by far are outweighing the challenges and that investment costs in sanitation has a rate of return ranging from 600 – 1200 % to the national economies there are good reasons for governments and donors to facilitate large-scale implementation of plastic SanPlats – now.


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Saniplast Privé

Achieving the Millenium Goals has prompted us to rethink sanitation technologies. The plastic SanPlat is a futher development of the concrete all-in-one concept.

Plastic SanPlats facilitates accelerated implementation with easy transport and higher coverage. The status of a plastic top-finish plastic SanPlat is higher than a concrete one and stimulates demand and higher coverage. It has a better value as incentive than a concrete one (because of higher status). The plastic SanPlat is light weight 2.5 kg (or less). Five or more SaniPlast Privé can easily be transported by one woman, 10 or more be put on the back of a bicycle, 20 or more in the back of a car hundreds on a pickup and at least one thousand on a medium sized lorry etc. And with no breakages!

No quality control and simple monitoring. The risk of poor workmanship or poor concrete is eliminated. The number of latrines built can easily be estimated based on the number of plastic SanPlats distributed. SaniPlast Privé contains no building material that can be used for other purposes (like cement and reinforcement). Even a stolen SaniPlast Privé can be counted as an improved latrine as it is difficult to use it for other purposes.

Better hygiene. The neatness of the SaniPlast Privé stimulates to better cleanliness in the latrine. Foot operation of the lid eliminates 100% the hand contamination route of disease transmission.

Plastic Mould for Concrete SanPlat 60x60

The plastic lid and the foot operated handle do away with the hand contamination problem. The lid matches both the all-in-one and the keyhole mould.

SanPlat Mould Box No. 1

The box that opens up a new perspective for large scale implementation of improved latrines at the lowest cost using the SanPlat System.

  • A complete set of moulds with manuals for SanPlat making.
  • There are at least two moulds of each type in the box which means that you can continue production even if you want to take some of the moulds to the carpentry to start your own production.
  • Box No. 1 includes the following:
    • 10 drop hole moulds in plastic
    • 2 belt moulds: 1.2 m diameter
    • 2 belt moulds: 1.5 m diameter
    • 6 belt clips
    • 2 arch moulds: 1.2 m diameter
    • 2 arch moulds: 1.5 m diameter
    • 2 SanPlat foot rest moulds
    • 2 SanPlat frames: 60x60 cm
    • Latrine building manuals

Plastic SanPlat Lids

Standardized drop-hole dimensions allows for standardized lids with good fitting as well as smell and fly control. The lid can be adapted for easy foot operation with no hand contamination.

SanPlat Drop Hole Mould

One of the advantages with the SanPlat System is that it fits the hole with a tight fitting lid. This effectively stops smells as well as fly circulation, allowing us to build the latrine close to the house. This is the same mould as included in Box No. 1, and is ideal when other moulds are made locally.

All-In-One SanPlat Mould

One of the advantages with the SanPlat System is that it fits the hole with a tight fitting lid. This stops effectively smell and fly circulation and allows us to build the latrine close to the house. This is the same mould as included in Box No. 1. It is ideal when other moulds are made locally.

  • Brand new technology for the simplest possible making of a 60x60 cm SanPlat in one go.
  • The "all in one" SanPlat Mould allows for the easiest SanPlat making.
  • With this mould, training and supervision are reduced to almost nothing, and even the most unskilled person can make SanPlats of top quality. The high professional finish is a highly motivating factor in all latrine building programs.
  • The "all in one" comes in boxes of 10 and 50 on a pallet.

This mould is ideal decentralised production of SanPlats 60x60 cm.