Saniplast Privé

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SaniPlast PrivéThe Millenium Goal Solution!

Why chose a plastic SanPlat?

Achieving the Millenium Goals has prompted us to rethink sanitation technologies. The plastic SanPlat is a futher development of the concrete all-in-one concept.



Presenting the SanPlat System

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The Two Dollar Latrine.The word "SanPlat" stands for Sanitation Platform in the double sense of the word:

  • It is a high quality squatting platform
  • It is a platform for a Demand Driven Sanitation Programme
  • People just like it!


What is a SanPlat?

A SanPlat is an improved latrine slab with the following features:

  1. Smooth and sloping surfaces which encourage regular cleaning.
  2. Elevated footrests to help the user find the right position, even at night.
  3. A drop hole which is both comfortable to use and safe for the smallest children.

A SanPlat can also be made with a tight fitting lid which effectively stops smells and flies.

A Platform for Demand Driven Sanitation:

It is a platform for a Demand Driven Sanitation Programme based on these ideas:

  • Demand Based Sanitation Promotion
  • Hygiene Education
  • Flexible Production
  • Building on Local Traditions and Skills
  • Alternative Designs
  • A Sustainable Investment


Background Information:

  • The SanPlat System was initially developed in 1979-89 in Mozambique and Malawi

    as a team work initiated and coordinated by Björn Brandberg to make sanitation affordable and accessible for the lowest income groups. The SanPlat System was developed based on the experiences and opinions from many people and many countries, mostly African countries, and it continues to develop today.

  • Since then, around 1 million SanPlats have been built all over Africa.

  • Get a project started easily by using our moulds and manuals.

  • LCS is a company set up to make the SanPlat System available worldwide.


Consultancy and Training Support

  • LCS in cooperation with SBI-consulting can provide consultancy and training support. Mr Björn Brandberg can be contacted through e-mail or tel/fax +258-21 491887, +258-8241 0 1654.
  • Training can be arranged at any convenient place.


Important note

The information given on this web site is well tested in different countries under different conditions, but as conditions do vary from place to place, the user must notify that recommendations never can be applicable generally. LCS can not assumme any responsibility - but can provide consulting support through SBI Consulting.

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